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Go Donegal is a digital guide to the county for your phone

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Donegal Goes Digital

Go Donegal is a digital guide to the county for your phone – for residents and visitors alike. Our Android & iOS app gives you a new way to experience Donegal. 

What is Go Donegal?

Scavenger Hunts

Travel around from point to point solving clues and answer questions! Fun way to Explore the Town.

Audio Walking Tours

Our tours take you on an interactive adventure around Donegal with written and audio content.

Special Offers & Local Businesses

Search for local businesses by category, see their location on a map as well as business details and get fantastic special offers and exclusive discounts!

Events Guide

Find out what’s happening and get a list of upcoming events & festivals. See what’s on today, what’s coming up this week and what’s happening later in the month. Handy map-based view to see exactly where an event is happening. Practical details like cost, time and booking details.

Our Games Room

Feeling bored? Got some downtime? Why not play a game? Go Donegal provides you with a collection of puzzle, word and arcade games as well as some stress busters!

A Touch of AR

Take a new kind of tour! Wander around one of our towns and view our augmented reality 3D models of local landmarks.

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